Adoxography Featured At The LA No Budget Film Festival

It brings me all the pleasure in the world to announce that Adoxography, my experimental animation piece from earlier this year has been chosen as an Official Selection for LA’s No Budget Film Festival. Screening this month little Adoxography is screening along side films from all around the world.

If you haven’t seen the piece, or you (for some reason) want to see it again, you can check it out below.

Ohio Streets Feature

Very appreciative to Ohio Streets for the kind words. Vanice Alexander over at the site keeps her page fresh with what’s going on in our little state. I’m very honored to have been featured on it twice. I sincerely hope there are more to come.

Ohio Streets

I’m seeing more and more of Cameron Granger‘s video work float around the internet and it is nothing less than refreshing.  His latest offering is a collaboration with fine artist Ciera Thomas.

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One Of The First Nights

Over the Summer, I met my friend Jeremy, a fine artist. We shot the shit for a while on the patio of my job at the Market. While we talked, he mentioned that he had been writing poetry. In that same conversation, he mentioned that he had been looking into trying to bring those poems to life–and that he wanted my help in doing that.

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The Stray Sheep Project (Update)

Strayed SheepSequence 01.Still003Sequence 01.Still002

I mentioned not too long ago that I’d managed to partner with ADHD Apparel, a Cleveland based clothing company. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been working on.

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