My Funny Valentine.

This piece is an ode to the late, great Etta James. This piece is an allegory in the vein of our relationships, and the trials we face at the hands of fate.

Every relationship worth something has to go through the fire. If you don’t, it’s not really worth shit—in my humble opinion. I think it’s up to us—the two of you I mean—to either rise from the ashes like a gorgeous Phoenix, or go up in dirty, nasty, ugly smoke.


(n.) a place from which one’s strength is drawn, one feels at home; the place where one is their most authentic self.

I think that sums up this weekend at home in a nutshell. Refreshing, refilling, reinvigorating. Basically all of the positive re’s.

Teaching (We All Try) – Adventure Club

For the last few days of my Spring Break, I took a trip back to my hometown, Euclid, OH. A not so sleepy town serving as the dividing line between Downtown Cleveland, and it’s greater suburban area, I always describe Euclid to out of towners as ‘the perfect blend of urban and suburban’. Those who’ve lived in Euclid have a ton of opinions about it, but to me, the city of Euclid is a lady that will always be near and dear to my heart, and nothing puts me at ease like a weekend spent in her arms.

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Adventure Club – Preview

Adventure Club - Preview

“How’ve you been man?”

He turned to me, nodded, and with the faint makings of a smile began, “You know what Big Guy, things are going pretty good,” We swiveled in our stools to face one another, “I’ve got this new job. And you know, it’s tough,” He paused, “But good. I think i’ll get the hang of it.” I smiled at him, then flipped my camera on, and started snapping photos of the market around me.

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